Welcome to Trix and Treats Sweets

About Me


I'm Katie.

I’ve always had a love for desserts, and I’ve always been fascinated by how beautiful wedding cakes can be. My very first memories take place in the kitchen with my mother and grandmother, “helping” bake cookies to pass out at Christmas time.  

High school came, and I was convinced I wanted to be a chemist. As my chemistry classes got harder, we introduced before- and after-school study sessions. I was sure that delicious baked goods would help my friends study better; however, I soon became much more interested in what I was going to bake for my friends than what I was studying. I knew that I needed to give serious thought to my career plans.


I made up my mind that I wanted to bake for a living, and for that, I needed culinary school. The next step was introducing the idea to my parents. I told them that I was interested in a different kind of chemistry… the kind that tasted sweet. My parents were confused until I told them that baking is just an edible kind of chemistry. They weren’t very excited about my idea, but they soon realized that it was my real passion and that I should do whatever it took to achieve my goal of becoming a pastry chef. 


Trix and Treats Sweets is my dream come true. Named for my daughter, Trixie, Trix and Treats Sweets is everything I could want in a career—it’s doing what I love for people I love. So now I’d like to share my love of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and desserts with you. From classic to contemporary, fun to funky, and always delicious, I can help make your dessert dreams a reality!